OP Lifeline buff idea would make her a solo carry in Apex Legends

OP Lifeline buff idea would make her a solo carry in Apex Legends

An Apex Legends player has developed a Tactical buff idea for Lifeline and it would make her the best solo carry Legend in the game.

Despite having her res-shield removed from her Passive, Lifeline has remained a popular pick in Apex Legends with a pick rate of 5.8% in Season 11.

Although this makes her the sixth most popular Legend in the game, a lot of Combat Medic mains believe the nerf to her Passive went a little too far.

As a result, a section of the community has been calling for a buff and an Apex Legends modder has decided to put forward their own suggestion.

While the idea would certainly make a Lifeline a top-tier pick, it also has the potential to make her an unstoppable force in gunfights.

Lifeline buff idea would skyrocket her pick rate in Apex

Apex Legends YouTuber and modder Archtux has developed a new buff to Lifeline’s Passive in the R5Reloaded server. It involves allowing her healing to drone follow her while she’s on the move.

This would mean Lifeline players would be able to have a constant source of healing during gunfights, instead of having to stay behind cover while regenerating health.

Not only that, the drone could also be used to block bullets if it’s positioned correctly, making her even more difficult to takedown.


Although Archtux’s idea has been well-received by the community, there’s a risk that the buff would make Lifeline the best solo carry in the entire game, especially in one on one skirmishes.

However, the concept does show Combat Medic mains are desperate for a buff, so we’ll have to see if Respawn takes note and make any changes in the future.