Shroud gives verdict on Apex Legends’ new Control mode for Season 12

Shroud gives verdict on Apex Legends’ new Control mode for Season 12

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek played the new Apex Legends Control mode coming in Season 12 ahead of schedule during a sponsored Twitch stream, and after a few rounds, gave his verdict.

On February 1, Respawn announced a new limited-time mode in Apex Legends Season 12 called Control.

It’s based on the historic arena shooter mode pitting two teams against each other to control points on the map — hence the name.

Shroud was given the chance to check it out before it releases, and naturally he shared his thoughts while playing it and eventually gave a verdict — revealing some of its biggest pros and cons in the process.

After jumping into the mode for the first time, Shroud expressed some concerns right out of the gate: “I feel like it’s a little big, you know? The map. For nine versus nine. Doesn’t this seem big?”

He also admitted that it can be a little chaotic at times.

“There are so many outlines of people. It’s kind of hard to tell where the hell your team is and where the enemy is. It’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on.”

However, it grew on him the more he played. One thing he really loved was the fact that players keep respawning.

In the end, his team won, and he finished at the top of the leaderboard with 23 kills. He reiterated his take on the mode, saying: “It’s kind of cool. I can see the boys having fun with this game mode. I can see it.”

Still, that doesn’t mean he thinks it’s perfect. He pointed out that the nature of the mode can lead to problems.

“It’s kind of OP if you own two points because you just keep respawning. It seems kind of busted.”

Players will be able to dive into the action and test it for themselves once Apex Legends Season 12 launches on February 8.