Apex Legends Lunar New Year sale & bundles leaked

Apex Legends Lunar New Year sale & bundles leaked

Apex Legends is set to celebrate the Lunar New Year, with leakers uncovering bundles and sales set to hit the store at the start of February.

Just like many of its battle royale counterparts, Respawn Entertainment have made a habit of celebrating real-world holidays and events in Apex Legends.

A few of these – including the Valentines’ Day Rendezvous and Holo-Day Bash – have introduced new ways to play the battle royale, but events like the annual Black Friday sale have produced more of a shake-up for the game’s item shop.

With the Lunar New Year – also known as Chinese New Year – just around the corner, Respawn will be celebrating it in-game and you’ll be able to get your hands on some bundles.

Reliable Apex Legends leaker KralRindo noted that there are eight bundles in the battle royale’s files scheduled to drop as a part of the Lunar New Year sale.

Currently, these eight are: Going Dark Bonus Bundle, Mortal Coil Bonus Bundle, Royal Huntsmen Bundle, Solaris Bundle, Warlord Bonus Bundle, Woad Warrior Bonus Bundle, Good Fortune Bundle, and the Wish You Wins Bundle.

As with previous events and sales, the bonus bundles typically contain a legend skin, weapon skin, as well as an Apex Pack. The usual bundles will likely contain a legend skin, and a combination of weapon skins, weapon charms, and holo sprays.





Some of the leaked bundles have surfaced before – the Woad Warrior, for example, is a reference to a Wraith skin – but it’s not hard to connect the dots for some of the others. Warlord and Royal Huntsmen likely refer to Bangalore and Bloodhound, respectively.

It remains to be seen if all these bundles will drop at once, or if they will be spaced out over the course of a few hours or days. So, be sure to check back before the event goes live.